Floyd Memorial Library

Staff Picks

Name: Janet

Title: The Lost Apothecary

Author: Sarah Penner

Rating: ★★★★

First-time author, Penner, takes you to two Londons, present day and 1791. Caroline, a woman deciding on divorce, and Nella, the Lost Apothecary, who deals in poisons for unfaithful spouses, cross paths when Caroline goes mud larking in the Thames. Going back and forth    between 1790 and 2020 helps the story run smoothly. Nella “gets” and gets an apprentice with Eliza and sees what life could be. Puzzles galore and a couple of questions that still niggle at my mind.

A nice historical mystery that doesn’t feel like a mystery.

Available at the library: F PENNER and LP F PENNER

Name: Tracey

Title: Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

Author: Joya Goffney

Rating: ★★★★

This is a debut novel that I found to be a delightful read with just the right mix of romance, friendship, family issues and drama. It was an easy and fun book to read.  The main character is a high school senior named Quinn, who ends up  being blackmailed! She had kept a journal filled with her private thoughts – entries were lists of her secrets, fears, private thoughts, dreams etc…  and through a series of unfortunate events the journal ends up in the wrong persons hands .Quinn knows it is in the wrong persons hands because one of her lists ends up shared on social media and now she is being blackmailed and needs to do as the person says or more lists will be posted on social media– for all to see!!

Available at the library: YA N F GOFFNEY

Name: Selina

Title: The Dutch House

Author: Ann Patchett

Rating: ★★★★

Opening an Ann Patchett novel is usually a guaranteed escape into a rich story occupied by characters you will know so well by the novel’s close. Emotionally tangible and vividly told, the Dutch House was no exception. A captivating tale about the lifelong relationship of a brother and sister primarily, but also about the power of place and the impact family and circumstance can have on a life.

Available at the library: F PATCHETT or available to download through Libby.

Name: Tom Vitale, Library Director

Title: Supernova

Director: Harry McQueen

Rating: ★★★★★

A beautiful, gut-wrenching story of enduring love. A couple embarks on a road trip to visit family and spend time with one another. One half of the couple does not realize this will be their last trip. Dementia is an awful thing, and this story paints a raw and powerful image of what the disease does to the whole family. I loved the story – it made me hate what dementia was doing to the individual, the couple, and the extended family. I would completely recommend, but make sure you have a box of tissues at your side.

Available at the library: DVD SUPERNOVA 

Name: Daai

Title: Home Body

Author: Rupi Kaur

Rating: ★★★★★

I give this book a 5 out of 5.  There’s really nothing I can think of as far as complaints go. However, I will say that it is a raw, honest book, at some parts it may be a bit hard to read because of the topic.

It’s a book of poetry along with drawings by the author that go along with the poems.  I love, love, love this author!  And I highly recommend her, as well as her other two books.  She’s the new face of poetry, in my opinion.

Available at the library: POETRY 21st CENT. Kaur


Name: Vicky

Title: A Discovery of Witches

Author: Deborah Harkness

Rating: ★★★★

The first book in the All Souls trilogy, A Discovery of Witches opens up a magical world with witches, vampires, and daemons and how they are all allowed to interact with each other and us mere     mortals. Then there is the mysterious Ashmole 782, a lost book that all three species want in their possession. The book starts out slowly while laying a strong foundation of family histories, past events, and the rules that need to be followed. However, I feel the author tries to insert too many details and historical facts into the book and they slow down the pace of the story.

The plot is engaging with terror, adventure, romance and personal revelations. All the characters and their relationships are well thought out and well developed. This is not a fast or light read, but an enjoyable one that makes you think and wonder.

Available at the library: F HARKNESS or available to download via Libby.

Name: Brian O. Mealy

Album Title: Black Boys

Director: Sonia Lowman

Rating: ★★★★

As we continue our community discussion post Black Lives Matter moment on race in America. Black Boys, the documentary by  Sonia Lowman helps us focus our attention on a long overlooked segment of our population… black boys. Using the context of culture, sports, education and the criminal justice system. Lowman brings important insight and understanding to the viewer.

Available at the library: DVD FILM DOCUMENTARY BLACK BOYS

Name: Lori

Title: A Confederacy of Dunces

Author: John Kennedy Toole

Rating: ★★★★★

Published eleven years after the young author took his own life, this tale of Ignatious, an unsavory character you grow more and more fond of as the story progresses, has many memorable scenes I often still think of and smile about in the 30 years since I last read it. It won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1981.

Available through Inter-Library Loan or available to download through Libby! 


Name: Janet

Title: Forgotten in Death

Author: JD Robb

Rating: ★★★★

My guilty pleasure read/author. Forgotten in Death is the 53rd Lt. Eve Dallas novel/mystery and Robb doesn’t disappoint. Set in the near future of 2061, we get used to flying cars and a lot of tech but the true bones of the story is the search and solution of two murders at a construction site – a homeless woman and a decades old skeleton. You can’t put it down and you ‘re sorry when it ends. The series begins with Naked in Death and I hope it becomes your guilty pleasure.

Available at the library: F ROBB and LP F ROBB. 

Name: Matt

Title: Normal People

Author: Sally Rooney

Rating: ★★★★

The only reason I picked up this book was because of the TV series on Hulu and the first few chapters were hard to get through. Once Connell and Marianne fall for each other, however, this book turns into a galloping, page-turner full of love, class struggle and characters that are far from normal. Rooney’s writing is beautiful; poetic, and the imagery used makes the reader feel as if they’re right alongside the protagonists in Ireland. The story is an evocative one, and, at least for me, had me questioning my own sense of place and “normalcy.” A frustratingly pleasant journey of young love and all its foibles.

Available at the library: F ROONEY or available to download via Libby.

Name: Brian O. Mealy

Title: The Madness of Crowds

Author: Louise Penny

Rating: ★★★★

Louise Penny takes us on another scintillating journey this time to the sleepy Quebec town of Three Pines. A visiting professor with a diabolical agenda to stir up trouble darkens the sunny village.  Soon an exchange of ideas turns to argument among the Townspeople, and arguments to violence, then to murder most foul. Inspector Armand Gamache, and his dutiful second in command must bring order to chaos whilst digging intothe mysterious background of the professor. I give this thrilling adventure 4 orders of poutine (french fries with gravy).

Available at the library: F PENNY, BCD PENNY.